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Author : Ravi Subramanian

Publisher : Westland books

Genre : Thriller

Synopsis : He was a bestseller… She wanted him to make her one.

Paperback king, Aditya Kapoor’s life is straight out of a modern man’s fantasy. His literary stardom is perfectly balanced by a loving wife and a spectacular career. With everything he touches turning to gold, Aditya is on a winning streak.

Shreya Kaushik is a student with a heart full of ambition. Young, beautiful, and reckless, Shreya speaks her mind and obsessively chases after what she wants. And what she wants is to be a bestselling author.

What happens when their worlds collide? Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Can real ambition come in the way of blind passion? Can trust once broken, be regained?

Master storyteller Ravi Subramanian, delves into the glitzy world of bestsellers and uncovers a risky dalliance between a superstar novelist and his alluring protégé.

The Bestseller She Wrote is a combustible cocktail of love, betrayal and redemption.

My Thoughts : I have been a “fan” of sorts of Ravi Subramanian for a while now. I’ve read all his books (mainly because my brother, who is in banking, ha them on him whenever he visited. And wile his subjects have mainly been about the banking and corporate sector this one is different. Quite different.

It follows Shreya (an a*****e) and Adithya (A bestselling author with a midlife crisis and a rather high opinion of himself) through their relationship with one another and watch how something that started so “well” ends so badly. This book kinda feels like Fatal Attraction meets the typical Indian situation. Did I enjoy it? I did. Did I always enjoy it? Nope, I did not.

I agree with Shreya on one thing, the sex scenes were Thanda. I despise erotica of any kind and this kind of left me feeling awkward and uncomfortable. I wonder if i was the only one who felt that way. Looking at his author profile he seems more like a kindly uncle than someone capable of writing sex scenes so maybe that’s why I couldn’t get comfortable with that aspect or maybe I just hate erotic aspects in books. But moving on to more coherent thoughts.

BUT……. the book ended up going in the pace that was his forte. I enjoyed that we came back to the usual banking atmosphere and the usual corporate problems and etc. I wouldn’t say that this was his best work but it is certainly a good attempt for someone writing outside his genre. The only aspect I didn’t like is that Shreya is constantly made out to be the villain. She is NOT married. He is. Who’s responsibility is it to remain faithful? Certainly not hers. Of course she is a fan girl attracted to the man who occupies the space she wants in life. This seems like another pathetic attempt by men to not take responsibility for their actions and to constantly blame the girl, ruin her life and walk away unscathed. I’m not nit picking, i believe it is the one who is in the committed relationship who has to pay for cheating Not the other way around. Moreover, SPOILER, if she did use him to write her book and get it published, why the hel would she stop it? She’s a bestseler, she’s got the money to move to another city and write another book. How stupid.

Also, why does the author constantly have to mention himself in his books? I don’t understand. It’s awkward and causes a weird break in the reading. Not to mention the using most of the same names. I don’t know about others but I like reading books multiple times. Not just once, that’s why I buy them. If I were going to read it just once I’d borrow from a library. So when I can recognise certain characters from his previous books and they are completely new characters with the same names here it feels strange. I’m sure the author’s imagination is good enough for him to come up with new names.

Would I recommend this book? Sure, are you a man? It’s good. But not great. I give it three stars.