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Since I have listed Bibliofreaks on my blog as one of the sources to buy second hand books, it thought it only fair if i try it myself before recommending it to others. So I went ahead and purchased some books from them, by some I mean two.


I purchased two books, Perfect by Rachel Joyce and The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. It was 99/- (INR) for each book. I was hoping it would be 500 for free shipping but as it turns out it is 1000. Which is too much so I decided to stick with paying for shipping instead of shelling out another 700/- plus. The order was placed on the 4th of November using the PayU money checkout. I chose the Express Parcel method and my package came to 600 grams which was a shipping cost of 88 INR.

They sent me a mail within half an hour and confirmed my order long with an email where I could contact them.

Now, that was all well and good. The product was shipped (without intimation) and I received a mail on the 10th that they had come to deliver and my door was locked. “Please accept the second attempt at delivery else the package will be returned to us)

That was not possible. I checked and they claimed to have come on the 9th. I was home all day on the 9th because of the rains, I couldn’t leave. Moreover, I had stuck a post it on my door to deliver to my neighbours if I wasn’t home and I was home for the most part. I tried calling Bibliofreaks but the number provided on their website was switched off (all of 10th and till midday on the 11th) Finally, i decided to go to my local post office and check what had happened.

Turns out they didn’t even come to make the delivery because my road was flooded from the rains. They just decided to update that I hadn’t been home when I had. I picked up my package after waiting for half an hour and reached home to see that the post man had come and gone, leaving my package behind at the post office.

I don’t think I will be ordering form any company that uses the Indian postal service again. BUT, as far as the books go, they were in good condition.




  • A reasonably large range of books. Readers of Sidney Sheldon and the likes will be happy with this.
  • Condition of the books is pretty good.
  • Affordable price points.
  • Easy checkout process.
  • They have an android app. 


  • I received my shipping details after the post office claimed to have found my door locked. Which isn’t good.
  • The categories open to nothing. The books on the website are arranged haphazardly and not in any conceivable order.
  • Helpline number doesn’t work.
  • There isn’t much variety but it is better than most sites except Berkshire books.
  • Sometimes, especially with Indian books, New books are cheaper on amazon.
  • No iOS app.

Will I order again from them? Let’s see. I have three other services to test out first. But I have added a lot of books to my wishlist. If I can’t find these in the other places that I’m to shop at now, I’ll come back and order them and then bother my post office everyday. If I suggest something to them it would be to provide the shipping details and status as and when it happens.  But still, it’s great to have a second hand book store online in India.

PS. I’m having some annoying problems with my wordpress page where the secondhand books link leads to a tag instead of the page i mad for it. Please click here for the list.

Have you shopped from them yet?