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Red River, Blue Hills – Anush Saikia


On a rainy night in September, a beautiful woman walks into the upmarket Hotel Aurora in New Delhi. She makes her way up to the sixth floor, where she shoots the CEO of an international defence consortium. A few hours later, the woman meets a fiery end in her vehicle on the outskirts of the city.

Varun Mehta, whose family owns the hotel, finds himself unwittingly pulled towards the crime, and the enigmatic woman who perpetrated it. Opposing the advice of the police and his brother, and struggling with his own demons and insecurities, Varun’s search for answers leads him to realize that what appears to be a straightforward case is anything but. His attempt to uncover the truth takes him from the frenetic pace of India’s capital to the remote frontiers of the nation’s north-eastern region bordering Myanmar — the land of the red river and blue hills.
Will he finally find what he is looking for? And will the journey allow him to come to terms with his own complicated past in the region?

Red River, Blue Hills is a gripping thriller that also looks at changing lives and changing times in one of the most diverse countries on the planet.

Before, And Then After – Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan






In this sparkling collection of stories, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan displays the perception, honesty and humour that marked her out as a writer to watch out for ever since she started her immensely popular blog eleven years ago. A young girl embarks on a journey of discovery after years of living with her reclusive superstar father; a misspelled tattoo leads two friends into a discussion of loss and love; a bartender relates the secrets of his trade — Before, and Then After is an astute, sensitive exploration of loneliness, missed connections, revelations, relationships in an urban landscape

An Evening In Calcutta – Stories : K.A.Abbas



Great short stories that speak of the trials and tribulations of everyday life

Saffron, red as blood from the Kashmir Valley’s darkest days. A labourer who will move a mountain for love. Birds who look for freedom behind gilded bars. A condemned man in an operation theatre. A dancer in a palace, thinking about her lover-king’s wife. A refugee whose memories return now that he is dying. An evening in Calcutta grows lonelier for a man looking for companionship.

An Evening in Calcutta is an assortment of celebrated writer and award-winning film-maker K.A. Abbas’s most memorable stories. His characteristically crisp narratives and bold plotlines, informed as deeply by historical detail as they are by contemporary politics, reach into the familiar and draw out startling truths.


Blood On My Hands – Eyewitness Accounts of Staged Encounters : Kishalay Battacharjee

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The Book I am most excited about.

An anonymous confession by an army officer about staged encounters, exposing the precarious human rights situation in India’s Northeast

An army officer splits open the anatomy of staged encounters in India’s Northeast, exposing the culture of killing with impunity. Blood on My Hands also explains, shockingly, how awards and citations are linked to a body count. Speaking to investigative journalist and conflict specialist Kishalay Bhattacharjee, the confessor speaks of the toll this brutality has taken on him.

An essay by Bhattacharjee and a postscript – where bureaucrats and diplomats speak on record about the hidden policy of extra-judicial killings and how it threatens India’s democracy – contextualize this searing confession. An explosive document on institutionalized human rights abuse.

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