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Author : Mamta Nainy

Illustrator : Aniruddha Mukherjee

Publisher : Mango Books

Genre : Children’s books

Synopsis : Read the legends behind the super mounts of the super gods – some funny, some thrilling, some heart-warming, but all extremely captivating and immensely fascinating. Accompanied by beautiful black and white illustrations, this delightful book gives you the ‘not-so-known’ of ancient Indian mythology in all its richness, along with generous doses of fun.

I picked this up because of the cover and the illustrations. It seemed like a fun and jolly book and I thought I would read it and see if I could hand it over to a niece or a nephew or hold onto it till we have a kid. lol. The stories are about Vahanam’s of the different God of the Hindu faith. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this book. I thought I would love it, i mean why else would I buy a childrens book about stories I already know, but i really did not.

Firstly, let me talk about the positives. I like how beautiful and non cartoony the illustrations are. if they were anything like that Hanuman cartoon i think i would not have picked it up, even if we did have kids. So the illustration are quite nice and dark and very doodle-y.

What I didn’t like. The stories themselves. The author makes the assumption, in each story, that the reader knows all the characters that she is writing about. Why then would we need to read this book to know about the Vahanams? Wouldn’t these kids already know? It makes the book redundant. Not to mention, in the Garudan chapter the mother tells her that she is enslaved by x people because of x reason and Garudan proceeds to ask, “But how then did you become a slave mother.” I really couldn’t tolerate that. I mean, it’s just stupid and thoughtless. I wonder if the editor did anything at all.
I’m feeling really bad to write this review. I usually refrain from writing bad reviews because to each his/her own. if i don’t like this book someone else might and all that but this was just bad. The author does not do justice to the illustrator.

I wouldn’t suggest this book to anyone who is new to the religion because you have to know most of the characters to understand the story. (Or you’ll have to read it with google open) and if you already know enough to know who these characters are then you won’t need this book anyway. Second problem, this is a book for hindi speakers by a hindi speaker. People from other regions won’t understand half the terminology used in this book. So don’t bother buying this if you’re from a different region.

I really didn’t like this book.