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Author : Anirban Bose

Publisher : Harper Collins India

Genre : Medical Mystery

Synopsis : Corrupt doctors, an earnest young surgeon and a dying woman

When a young stab victim is brought bleeding into the emergency room of a modern New Delhi hospital, Dr Neel Dev-Roy manages to resuscitate her from near-death. Neel, who has just returned to India after spending fifteen years in the US, is shocked to discover that because there is no one to pay for the young woman’s care, the hospital authorities will disconnect her ventilator and let the young woman die. Outraged, he decides he won’t let that happen. But Neel has no idea what awaits him, and as he takes on dishonest doctors, apathetic bureaucrats, corrupt policemen and power-hungry politicians in the struggle to keep the young woman alive, his obsession with her life begins to affect his own. Neel also begins to understand that some people might want the young woman dead for reasons that aren’t just about the expense of her care …

Well I was surprised when I googled this author for this review. I have had Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls on my shelves somewhere for a while (I say somewhere because I just can’t seem to find it) and I never got around to reading it. So now, I have to hunt for that because this one, The Death Of Mitali Dotto, doesn’t seem bad at all. The story follows righteous, or self righteous, doctor, Dr.Neel Dev Raj, who has come back from the US to dreams of changing the Indian medical scene. Or that’s what it seems like at first. He sets about trying to change the hospital that he works at a little at a time. In the process of doing so he manages to butt heads with senior Dr.Dilip Kasthuri and has no option but to seek the help of Head, Dr.bannerjee who seems to have a soft corner for him on account of who his father was (even though he has been accused of being a Maoist).

And then a stab victim is brought in and you can guess the rest from the blurb above.

  • This book is perfect for readers of Robin Cook. It has corruption, glamour, the seedy underworld (literally) and creepy stalkers who seem to know much more than they should.
  • Keeps your heart racing, well jogging, and is certainly close to a page turner.
  • It has a nice family, a righteous lead and the classic clash of good and evil.
  • Has enough of a gossip worthy understory that causes the main story to happen.


For some reason I found it hard to finish. I wondered why this was and i can only come to the conclusion that it has something important missing. I felt more connected with Dr.Neel’s wife, Stuti, than with him. Not because she is female but because she just seemed to be more of a main lead kind of character than he does. Dr.Neel just didn’t feel real to me. He seemed more like a young man with no street smarts and a misguided sense of righteousness than otherwise. It was like he was good because he had to be good, not because he felt any compassion for anyone.

But that doesn’t make this book bad. It is almost there and is perfect for someone who is looking for an entertaining medicalish mystery with all the aspects of an Indian commercial story.

Add this book to your Goodreads List.