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We are all stories, in the end . . .

A stunning illustrated collection of fifteen dark and ancient fairy tales from the world of Doctor Who.

These captivating stories include mysterious myths and legends about heroes and monsters of all kinds, from every corner of the universe. Originally told to young Time Lords at bedtime, these twisted tales are an enchanting read for Doctor Who fans of all ages.

Written by Justin Richards and illustrated by David Wardle.

Doctor Who needs no introduction, fairy tales need no explanation. So when these two things are combined it’ll be perfect right? Who cares if this is a children’s book. It’ll suit adults as well right? That was my thought process when i got the audiobook.

This was a very interesting collection of stories, each one narrated by a different narrator. This did two things. It gave me a wonderful variety and also gave me a bunch of narrators I didn’t like. Now to the stories themselves, most of them are an amalgamation of classic fairy tales with a massive time lord element. I did not know all of them since I’m not very aware of every famous fairy tale there is but I did particularly enjoy the ones I knew, favourites being Little Rose Riding Hood and The Gingerbread trap. I would say this is more for an older child because some of the terms would NOT be understood by children who normally read fairy tales but I have the sneaking suspicion that this is more of a children’s book for teens and adults than a proper children’s book.

The author managed to bring a lot of colour to his writing. The descriptions and the sights and sounds were very beautifully done and i felt like I was sitting and watching doctor who all over again. It’s a brilliant combination of the classics of fairy tale retellings; there are beasts and beauties, good and evil and massively evil, evil step mothers and a silver wand (the screwdriver). Everything you could possible want from a doctor who fairy tale mish mash. I do think the author went a little monotonous with some of the stories, I didn’t particularly like three which were very similar. But just three out of a collection of fifteen seems like an ok ratio to me. I gave this three stars. If you are getting this for a kid make sure that they actually like Sci-fi.

PS i’m very sad that the Dalek’s didn’t make an appearance.

I cannot comment on the actual illustrations because this book isn’t available where i live so i impatiently grabbed the audiobook instead.

Have you read it?