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In a future so distant it looks like our past, Sevara has seen centuries come and go like so many sunrises and sunsets. After Sevara and a group of shapeshifting immortals guide humanity to peace, one final task remains – to give up their memories, and their immortality, and live one last life. All they have to do is sleep for ten thousands years, and forget. All the immortals keep their promise and give up their powers. Everyone that is, except Sevara. Sevara awakens to find that suffering and cruelty returned to the world, while all her friends have had their memories wiped clean. You’d think that being the only shapeshifting immortal would be a good thing. But Sevara soon finds that the memories of her mortal life infected humanity while she slept, and her very own past may destroy the future.


I did not like the cover. At all. I do not understand the need to keep the women in comic books so naked all the time. BUT, i managed to get past it and read the absolutely engaging comic which has left me following the author on goodreads so i can keep track of the next one.

Firstly let me start off with the art. It is magnificent. The colours are vivid, the characters are easily distinguishable for the most part and the placement of some of the words is the only thing that is annoying. But that is easy to get used to after a while. Of course there are scores of half naked sexually positioned women throughout but that is also to be ignored because comics are just evolving. I know i sound like I didn’t enjoy the book but I really really did. It was great. Just, why the naked women. I’m sure she can fight and fly and all that jazz id she atleast wore full pants. Yes she has wings so a shirt might be difficult but atleast pants? Please?

The story itself starts off slow in the first chapter and moves on really well from the second. It is fast paced, gripping and easy to understand once you find the time flow. And the pages about the making of the comic were particularly fascinating for a comic book newbie. What i really liked was the last few pages of just writing. Yes, i really liked the comic and want the rest of them but i really think the author has a great shot as a noel writer. I want to know what happens next, i’m left with a craving and it’s annoying how long the next book is taking.

Overall, a great comic. Especially if you’re a guy. For a girl the only thing i didn’t like was the nudity.

I was offered this in exchange for a review.