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There comes a day in every boy’s life when he needs to sit down and decide what to do with the rest of it. But our layabout hero, Samay, slept through it, as he did most days growing up. Waking up aged twenty-nine, he finds that he barely has any money left in the bank and the only job anyone is willing to give him is as a debt collector for small businesses.
To top it all, he has had no luck with his college flame, Amrita. They were close friends once but are not even in touch any more.
His less-than-ordinary life takes a mad turn when he is mistaken by mob boss Pande for a hitman and given Rs 75 lakh as payment. Samay wants to take the money and flee the city, but he discovers that Amrita, now a journalist, is next on the hit list…
The Debt Collector’s Due is a wild ride through the drama of college heartbreak and a terrifying murder in south Mumbai’s Parsi colony to the sweaty alleys of Crawford Market and the mist-filled valley of Panchgani. This is a story about shifting fortunes and high stakes, a breathless read from the first page to the very last word.

I LOVE Indian writing. Call it patriotism, call it prejudice but I do love Indian writing. Adhirath Sethi’s debut book checks all the boxes for a commercially successful book that is an easy and enjoyable read. Is there a chase scene? YES. Is there romance? YES. Is there a useless hero who manages to rise to the occasion? YES. Is there a helpless damsel in distress? YES. But here is where the twist lies. And i like the twist. Instead of going for the fair maiden who is grabbed by unsightly thug in a marketplace or a rich fair girl woman who’s engaged to an equally fair but evil man the author goes for a female who is smart, successful and utterly ballsy.

Hats off man!

Amrita and Samay are classmates who were once almost sweethearts, atleast in Samay’s mind but part ways to lead completely different lives. Bu a stroke of utter luck, or is it bad luck?, Samay finds Amrita and is given a change to be a knight in shining armour. I say tis book is perfect if you are just getting into reading or if you are just looking for something to pass two hours while waiting for your girlfriend or boyfriend to finish shopping or whatever else. It is a short book, under 200 pages (174 to be exact) and should offer you entertainment for a brief period of time.

(I do think this would make a good bollywood movie)

Have you read this book?