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DESCRIPTION : Zoe Porter isn’t a superhero. She doesn’t have super powers. But she is going to become the hero of her own life. And she’s going to do it with style. A modern young woman in a post-modern NYC. High flying high fashion

Written by Author (and artists) David Tischman ; Audrey Mok this is a sort of female centric comic that revolves around Zoe Porter who starts working for a very famous fashion designer who designs clothes for Superheroes. It follows her life and what she learns in her job and her life in a world where superheroes are in plenty and the world is accepting and admiring of them. Three episodes are out as of now.

It can be read online at a variety of sources, of course I use Line Webtoons to read it because that makes it easy and convenient for me. You can read this here, here and here.

Personally I don’t think I will be reading this much because it has one aspect to it that I don’t like, too much language. It is something I cannot deal with so I’ll give this a skip but for those of you who can overlook that, please do read it because it is something unique and different (atleast to me) and you might just find your next addiction.

Zoe as a character needs time to develop so don’t drop it yet. I’ve been exploring a lot of Manhwas lately so if i spot another new one I’ll share it with you.

Till next time!