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DESCRIPTION : Chiller is a Manhwa updated weekly (i think) written by Various Artists.


You can read it here on Webtoons or here and here.

It is a series (not continuous) of comics strips updated weekly and currently daily, on account of Halloween, that have brilliant black, white and red art and amazing sound effects. Each episode sends terrifying chills down my spine and make me wish I had bloody turned the sound down. The themes range from cannibalism, ghosts, murders and revenge. My favourites are Group Chat by Seunghun Nah, Blackout by Minkyung Park, Possession by Yongseok Jo and The Other Side Of Cleanliness by COSMOS and VAN JI.

These are particularly good because the artwork is brilliant and clean. Very lovely to read something at the end of the day. Just make sure you don’t read it before you sleep or you’d be tossing and turning all night.

Till Next Time.