Where The River Parts : Unputdownable

Where The River Parts is a love story of sorts. Not completely a love story but more about how love is destroyed (or almost destroyed) by the partition that separated India and Pakistan. The story starts with Asha falling in love with Firoze and secretly meeting and planning their wedding. How they would break the news to their families, how her father would take her having to raise her children Muslim (the guy’s religion or caste is always followed here) and how they will stay together despite the tensions and the rumours they’re hearing of violence at the borders.

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In A Dark Dark Thriller

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The story starts when Leonora, otherwise known as Nora or Lee or Leo, gets an email from her once best friend Clare’s new best friend (Flo), inviting her to join in her Hen celebrations. Clare is getting married and after ten years of no contact whatsoever, wants to get back in touch. Nora is really surprised by this, and a little nervous given how they left things. After deliberation she decides to say yes because there’s another person she knows on the list whom she actually likes, Nina.

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Two Quick Murakami “reviews”

17256597After The Quake is the very first short story collection of Murakami’s that I’ve read. And I really enjoyed it! They say that this certainly isn’t his best collection so I presume if I enjoyed this, it’s all going to get better from here.

I’m not going to review each story individually but more of an overview of the actual collection. I believe this was written after the Kobe earthquake of 1995 and each story is about how the earthquake has affected the characters in that story. The entire collection has Murakami’s trademark feeling with main male characters, except one,(even featuring a frog and a worm) and female characters that have acted in puzzling ways (not all of them though). UFO in Kushiro is the first one and it is definitely my favourite one while Honey Pie has a strangely eerie vibe to it. I gave this collection four stars and I really enjoyed it. (This one is under 200 pages BTW)

(Also, I read this one story at a time before bed. This isn’t a good idea, you have terribly confusing dreams)

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